Meet Our Alimony Attorneys: Derek M. Freed, Esq.

Derek is the managing member of Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed LLC.  Derek understands that issues of alimony can often cause tension during a divorce. What may constitute a fair alimony award varies from case to case. For example, median-income couples may negotiate alimony with the intent of helping the lower-earning spouse pay basic living expenses. In cases where the parties have children, alimony may necessary to address a period when one spouse sacrificed his or her career to care for the child or children and has experienced a loss in earning capacity. In higher income cases, spouses may consider alimony in terms of maintaining a lifestyle comparable to the standard of living the spouses maintained during the marriage, including the accumulation of savings.

When issues of alimony arise during a case, Derek zealously advocates for his clients while maintaining a sensible and fact-based approach. His goal is to keep clients informed and well-versed in the law, as well as the different facets of their case so they can make an educated decision on how to approach the issue of alimony. 

Derek has litigated matters relating to initial alimony determinations and modifications of existing alimony obligations at the trial court level, as well as in the Appellate Division. Additionally, in 2015, Derek was recognized for his efforts on behalf of the New Jersey State Bar Association having co-authored the Amicus Curiae brief submitted to the New Jersey Supreme Court in the case of Gnall v. Gnall. In Gnall, the New Jersey Supreme Court  held that there is no bright line rule for distinguishing between a short-term and long-term marriage as it pertains to an award of alimony and that a trial court must consider all statutory factors, not just the length of the marriage when making an alimony award.

If you have questions about alimony or any other family law-related issues, please contact Derek. Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed LLC is focused exclusively on the practice of family law and serves clients throughout New Jersey including clients residing in Mercer County, Somerset County, Hunterdon County, Burlington County and Middlesex County.