Divorce Mediation

Meet Our Mediators: Derek M. Freed, Esq.

Derek is a partner at Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed LLC. He is qualified as a mediator under R. 1:40 and certified as an arbitrator by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.  

When Derek serves as an independent mediator, he does not represent either party.  Instead, he acts as a neutral third party and attempts to facilitate a negotiated settlement that is reasonable and satisfactory to both parties. 

Derek recognizes that mediation empowers parties and gives them control and flexibility over the terms of the resolution. Additionally, Derek  understands that in most instances parties have more than one issue that needs to be resolved. He will help the parties understand how each issue is related and how the overall agreement affects each issue in dispute.

During mediation all communication is kept confidential and Derek will meet with both parties separately so that everyone has the opportunity to be heard on all issues. This also helps him to identify the obstacles that are preventing a settlement and help the parties overcome them.

Derek understands that mediation is a voluntary process and if an agreement is reached during mediation, he will assist parties in drafting the terms of the agreement.

Derek has served an independent mediator for a wide range of family law issues including complex property division, establishing and modifying alimony, setting and modifying child support, as well as child custody issues including relocation and modifications to parenting time. He also has experience mediating cases involving financial and custody experts.

If you have questions about mediation, or any other family law related issue, please contact Derek.  Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed LLC is focused exclusively on the practice of family law and serves clients throughout New Jersey including clients residing in Mercer County, Somerset County, Hunterdon County, Burlington County and Middlesex County.