Litigation and Alternate Dispute Resolution

Divorce and Family Law in New Jersey

Litigation and Alternate Dispute Resolution

Our approach to your family law needs will be determined by your individual legal situation, family dynamics and goals. Our approach is specifically tailored to your needs and circumstances. Our lawyers possess the experience and knowledge to help you reach a resolution

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Divorce Litigation

Litigation is not an ideal means for resolving disputes during most divorces. A protracted court battle is costly, and it can leave long-lasting damage to a family’s relationships. However, not every divorce can be accomplished amicably through negotiations and mediations. If you anticipate that your divorce will inevitably result in litigation, you need an experienced trial attorney to ensure that your interests are protected. READ MORE

Divorce Mediation

Experienced, Accomplished Mediators. Clients who are interested in mediation as a way of resolving their divorce or family law dispute will find qualified representation at Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed LLC. Our Mercer County divorce mediation attorneys are experienced and accomplished family law practitioners with a track record of success for guiding clients through mediation and serving as independent mediators. READ MORE

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Divorce is a respectful and flexible process to resolve family disputes without going to court. With a collaborative divorce, both parties enter into a written pledge to reach an agreement out of court and commit in writing to maintain a respectful process, to solve problems jointly, and to work to preserve the integrity of the family. The parties maintain control over the solution instead of having a judge make decisions for them. Collaborative attorneys represent their clients, but in an informal and non-adversarial manner. Information is exchanged cooperatively with the assistance of attorneys and, if necessary, other appropriate collaborative professionals. Collaborative divorce allows the parties to participate directly in creating fair solutions that effect the family’s priorities. READ MORE

Experienced Family Law Attorneys

Whether you are facing a divorce or palimony litigation, need to modify a child support order or are involved in an adoption proceeding, our lawyers will provide you with experienced guidance. We provide representation that is thorough and addresses your current problems and reasonably foreseeable future events.

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