What is a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a form of alternative dispute resolution, which is recognized in the State of New Jersey. The goal of the collaborative divorce process is to reach divorce settlements in a manner that addresses the goals of the parties and the needs of the family without going into court and without extreme costs. In many ways, it enables the parties to maintain a functional relationship while divorcing, as well as maintaining the best interests of the parties and, if relevant, the best interests of the parties’ children. 

The collaborative divorce process moves disputes from the “fight and win” setting of a courtroom into a “troubleshoot and problem solve” setting of negotiations. Negotiations, compromise and creative problem solving are the critical elements of collaborative divorce. Unlike litigation, the hope of utilizing the collaborative divorce process is that couples will finalize their divorce satisfied with the outcome.

During the collaborative divorce process, settlements are reached in meetings with the parties and their attorneys present. Additionally, the parties can utilize the assistance of other professionals such as a divorce coach (usually a mental health professional), accountants and financial advisors. 

 A collaborative divorce allows a divorcing couple to accomplish many goals without having to resort to litigation. Some of those important goals include but are not limited to: 

  1.   Resolving temporary financial and custodial issues that may exist while the collaborative divroce process is pending ;
  2.   Exchange all necessary information voluntarily;
  3.   Agree on legal procedures;
  4.   Negotiate a settlement that is satisfactory to both parties; and 
  5.   Arrive at an agreement on how post-divorce issues will be handled.

Collaborative divorces usually save money and time. Most importantly, the parties will get through the divorce process with their dignity and moral standards intact.

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