Adoption Proceedings

Adoption Proceedings

Representation for Contested and Uncontested Adoptions

Knitting a family together through an adoption is often a joyful time. It can also be an intensive, contentious process. If your family is considering adoption, the Mercer County, New Jersey, law firm Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed LLC can guide you through both the exciting and conflict-filled parts of the process.

Our Mercer County adoption attorneys provide understanding and guidance to families dealing with all kinds of adoptions, including stepparent adoptions and grandparent or other family adoptions. We provide assistance with both contested and uncontested adoptions in Pennington and surrounding areas of New Jersey.

Somerset County Stepparent Adoption Attorneys

Often, a stepparent adoption occurs when a man or woman with a child from a previous relationship gets remarried. If the child has little or no contact with the biological parent, the child looks to the stepparent as the primary parent. The family may want to give this relationship legal recognition through adoption.

Adoption in these circumstances may be uncontested if the biological parent agrees to give up his or her parental rights and be relieved of any continuing child support obligations. In other situations, the biological parent contests the adoption.

Our law firm has the experience with both contested and uncontested adoptions. We understand the complex procedural requirements for both types of adoption, and we have the knowledge and experience to handle your contested adoption through litigation.

In a contested adoption, our lawyers understand how to use expert testimony to advance your case and to ensure that the proper steps are taken throughout the process.

Assistance for All Types of Adoptions

Whether you are considering a stepparent adoption, an adoption through an agency or another kind of adoption, our law firm can provide you with compassionate, knowledgeable counsel about the process. Schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer at our law firm by calling us at 609-730-3850 or contact us online.