Divorce Litigation

Divorce Litigation

Lawyers Who Understand Divorce Litigation

Litigation is not an ideal means for resolving disputes during most divorces. A protracted court battle is costly, and it can leave long-lasting damage to a family’s relationships. However, not every divorce can be accomplished amicably through negotiations and mediations. If you anticipate that your divorce will inevitably result in litigation, you need an experienced trial attorney to ensure that your interests are protected.

Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed LLC features Mercer County divorce litigation attorneys who understand the particular needs that come with litigating a divorce. While our cases, including our high net worth cases, usually achieve a resolution through other means, the three partners at our firm have the advantage of significant trial experience, which they use when cases must be litigated.

Somerset County Property Division Attorneys With Litigation Experience

Our law firm has handled numerous cases in New Jersey from the initial filing to the completion of litigation, including appeals and post-judgment motions. As a result, we understand that litigating a divorce requires a unique approach beginning early in the case. Part of our preparation involves ensuring that your case has the proper evidence that will be admissible at trial. We understand how to ensure that critical information for your case is properly documented and presented to the trial judge.

Experienced, Prepared Representation for Litigation

When a divorce dispute appears to need litigation, our lawyers will prepare all aspects of the case for trial, including child support, child custody and alimony matters. While we hope to resolve your case through negotiation as a way to keep the involved parties in control of the case, when litigation is necessary, we will provide you with the experience and the preparation that your case deserves.

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