Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Experienced, Accomplished Mediators

Clients who are interested in mediation as a way of resolving their divorce or family law dispute will find qualified representation at Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed LLC. Our Mercer County divorce mediation attorneys are experienced and accomplished family law practitioners with a track record of success for guiding clients through mediation and serving as independent mediators.

Confidential, Cost-Effective Approach to Dispute Resolution

During mediation, a neutral third party with a background in family law helps you and your spouse reach a marital settlement that is satisfactory to both of you. The mediator will work with you to identify obstacles to achieving a divorce settlement and help you overcome them. A mediator does not represent you or your spouse and cannot force either of you to accept a decision.

Clients often like mediation because it can be:

  • Confidential: A trial or court hearing is often held in a courtroom that is open to the public, but a mediation session usually occurs in a private office with private discussions.
  • Cost-effective: Settling a case through mediation can help avoid a protracted, expensive court battle.
  • Empowering: During mediation, control over the terms of the divorce remains with the parties. During litigation, a judge may issue decisions and orders that neither party likes.

Our lawyers have been involved in many mediations. The three partners at our law firm are qualified mediators, meaning they are permitted to mediate a divorce under the New Jersey Rules of Court. This qualification allows us to serve as independent mediators and gives us the knowledge and understanding to help our clients reach the core issues of their disputes in a reasonable way.

Family Law Attorneys

Mediation is one of several approaches that Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed LLC may employ to help you resolve your family law dispute. Your family dynamics and goals and the needs of your case will determine whether mediation, negotiation, collaborative law or another approach is appropriate for you.

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