Same-Sex Family Law

Same-Sex Family Law

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Same-sex couples in New Jersey have been able to enter into civil unions since 1997. A civil union is not a marriage, but it entitles same-sex couples to many of the same rights and benefits afforded to an opposite-sex couple. There are differences, however, that require guidance from an experienced attorney when same-sex unions are being created or dissolved.

The Mercer County same-sex family law lawyers at Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed LLC understand the differences between civil unions and marriages and the implications those differences have on common family law needs, including dissolution. We serve same-sex couples in Pennington and the surrounding areas of New Jersey.

Assistance Creating and Dissolving Civil Unions

Although civil unions are recognized by the state of New Jersey, they are not recognized by the federal government. As a result, a civil union will not provide gay or lesbian couples with federal benefits or protections. We can advise you on which benefits and protections you will be eligible to receive as a result of your union.

If you are in a civil union and are in the difficult situation of ending your relationship, our lawyers will provide you with experienced guidance through the legal process. We will provide you with assistance for:

  • Dividing your assets
  • Resolving child custody disputes
  • Any other issues that need to be decided to dissolve your union

Just as a civil union is similar but not the same as a marriage, dissolving a civil union is similar but not the same as a divorce. The lawyers at Ulrichsen Rosen & Freed LLC can provide you with comprehensive representation for dissolving your civil union.

Somerset County Family Law Mediation Attorney

Our approach to the dissolution of your union will depend on your individual circumstances. Most disputes regarding dissolution are resolved through negotiation, mediation and other alternative methods. Our firm has attorneys with strong backgrounds in negotiation, mediation and collaborative law. In rare circumstances, litigation may be the only way to achieve a resolution. In those circumstances, you can rely on our experienced trial attorneys to help you achieve the best results possible.

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